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Guest Post - My Writing Path by Jane Lythell - Blog Tour

As a child my mum would describe me fondly as a bookworm. My favourite activity was to lie on my stomach, on my bed, in the garden or on the beach and to escape into the latest fictional world that was enthralling me. From the age of nine we lived in Norfolk and as an early teen I read my way through the fiction shelves of Sheringham library. I also tried my hand at fiction when I was seven or eight. I wrote a story for my younger sister Caroline about Sally Dumpling, a fairy with curves who lived in a yellow rose. Her best friend was a robin. I read this to my sister who said she loved it. She still sometimes mentions it today.

I studied English Literature at university so I enjoyed three more years of intensive reading, novels and poetry, and writers were my heroes: Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

I started to write a few short stories. These were highly autobiographical and I never did anything with them though I think they were teaching me something about how to write. Then, from about the age of thirty and for many years, there was no time for writing and a lot less time for reading. I was working in film and TV in the kinds of jobs that gave you very little empty time. I think you need empty time to be able to write. And I had my daughter and was a lone parent from when she was two and a half. But I had stories in my head which I wanted to tell one day. While I was at the Foreign Office, heading up their TV and Radio Unit, I started on my first draft of what would become The Lie of You.

One of the things that helped me at this time was the Arvon Foundation which runs writing retreats. I went to two week-long retreats, one in Devon and a year later one in Scotland. These were very valuable because I met other would-be writers and the published writers who lead the courses and this made me take my wish to write more seriously. I carried on with The Lie of You.

The next step in my writing path was blogging. In 2011 I started to write a novel in instalments which I called The Chronicles of Chloe Greene. It was set in the 1980s and centred on a young idealistic woman called Chloe Greene who lived in a run-down housing association house in North London with two artists. Each week I made myself write an 800 – 1,000 word instalment and would post this up on my blog every Tuesday. I then tweeted about it and began to attract readers who enjoyed the unfolding story. Blogging gave me two very good things: the discipline to write every week and the sense of reaching an audience, however small. Readers would post comments on the instalments and I found this thrilling.

I took my draft of The Lie of You out of the drawer where I had stashed it and read it again. I felt it had something and I finally plucked up courage to ask my partner Barry to read it. Barry is a TV script writer and we hadn’t been going out very long! I asked him to be honest. Was it worth trying to redraft it or should I start again? Barry’s feedback was so helpful. He said it opened well and that the characters were interesting but that the last third of the book had lost direction. And it had.
This encouraged me to work on it again and I rewrote it and sent the first forty pages of the manuscript to the literary agency Sheil Land. I didn’t know anything about publishing at this time. 

My work world had been film and TV. My finished manuscript was only 57,000 words long. 
I had the huge luck to be taken on by the literary agent Gaia Banks of Sheil Land. Gaia guided me. She explained that publishers expected a novel to be at least 80,000 words long. We discussed the book at length and how it needed some new scenes to deepen the characters and the plot. And I learned that you never submit to a publisher until you have made your book as good as it possibly can be. A first draft is just that, a first draft. It is at the redrafting and editing stage where you can hone and polish your book.

Six months later Gaia submitted my now longer novel (87,000 words) and I was selected for publication by Head of Zeus which was a new publishing venture. If I could do cartwheels I would have done these all around the garden! 

This was my writing path and I now write full time.

Jane Lythell

Thank you so much Jane for sharing your writing path with us.

Jane's latest book Behind Her Back is out now, and I hope to be reading and reviewing it as soon as I can.

Liz Lyon is a television producer and busy single mum to a teenage daughter. She works at StoryWorld, the UK's favourite morning show. As both confidante and team leader, she is the person tasked with controlling the conflicts and tantrums that flare up off-air. Having just started dating again, she's also having to deal with a few conflicts and tantrums at home...

Following a blissfully peaceful two-week holiday in Italy, Liz has returned to find a new colleague has joined the station. Lori Kerwell has been brought in to increase the show's profitability. But Liz is not sure that's the only thing on Lori's agenda.

As Lori builds her power base with the bosses, Liz finds herself wondering what's really going on behind her back... 

Purchase from Amazon UK

Please follow along with the rest of the blog tour to see more from Jane. 

Book Review - A Taste of Death by H.V. Coombes

Amazon UK
Title: A Taste of Death
Author: H.V. Coombes
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: 24th July 2017
Rating: 3 Stars

Midsomer Murders meets The Great British Bake-Off in this foodie delight with murder at its heart.

The first murder happened while I was making meringues…

When Ben Hunter moves to become head chef at the Old Forge Café in the quiet village of Hampden Green, a tricky recipe for egg-based desserts isn’t the only thing he gets embroiled in. As he struggles with a whisk in his first week, he gets an unexpected visit from DI Slattery – there’s been a murder and he’s a suspect.

Ben resolves to get to the bottom of the mystery, and he soon discovers that this sleepy Chilterns village is covering up a whole lot more than an appetite for sweet treats…

One of the things that attracted me to this book was that it was being described as a cosy mystery but that it also contained food.  Well unfortunately for me the mystery didn’t really grab my attention, although the ending did redeem it slightly

Now on the other hand, this is an author that knows his food, especially during the early part of the book, we have descriptions on how various dishes are made, assorted cookery tips throughout and I really felt as though I was in Ben’s one man kitchen.

I loved the turn of phrase and the writing style of this book, it felt fresh and in places did make me chuckle a bit.  Easily though my favourite character was Francis, who was hired as a kitchen porter. He is a rather large man, not overly intelligent but very kind hearted. He knows his own limitations, and puts himself down a lot but does try to do whatever is asked of him, even if the results aren’t really to Ben’s standards.

The early part of the book I really enjoyed and felt it flowed well, I enjoyed the ending, but thought the story lost its way slightly in the centre, where I was finding it harder to pick up and continue reading.  It may be because I just had no interest in the crime that was being investigated and I also had no guesses as to the outcome either!

As a debut novel, I have certainly seen worse and I’m sure others will enjoy the mystery of this book a lot more than me, it just didn’t quite work how I’d have liked.  I am certainly curious as to what this author will write next.

Thank you to Netgalley and Avon for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Book Review - A Beginner's Guide to Saying I Do by Jennifer Joyce

Amazon UK
Title: A Beginner's Guide to Saying I Do
Author: Jennifer Joyce
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 15th August
Rating: 5 Stars

Ruth can’t quite believe she’s managed to snag The One but when he proposes, she can finally accept that she’s found her happily ever after. But when Ruth finds herself booking her dream church for just six weeks away, she starts to panic. You can’t plan a whole wedding at such short notice. Can you?

Trina has only just walked down the aisle, but she’s already starting to question whether they can make their marriage work. Will they survive the honeymoon period, or have they just made a very big – and very expensive – mistake?

Erin has somehow found herself agreeing to be a bridesmaid for the tackiest wedding known to man. With drunk hens, ridiculous outfits and a terrifying wedding planner, just what has Erin signed up for?

Three women. Three weddings. But who will say I do – and who will say I don’t?

Three weddings and a...well thankfully not a funeral but an incredibly romantic surprise! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, there are plenty of moments to giggle at, some wonderful weddings to either gain inspiration from or to generally enjoy, and three very different, but equally fabulous main characters all of which feature in these weddings. 

First let me state this can easily be read as a standalone novel, although if you have read the previous book A Beginner's Guide to Salad you will know Ruth and Jared's full back story, and more of Erin's romantic history to. This one is set two years later and you don't have to have prior knowledge to be able to appreciate the fun of this book. 

We have Ruth who is madly in love with Jared, and after finding their dream church they need to plan a budget wedding in just 6 weeks. Cue calling in favours from her best friends and family. Best friend Erin is in a relationship with Richard, has no interest in marriage but has to be a bridesmaid at Richard's sister, Lindsay's wedding.  Then there is Trina, Ruths cousin who has a fairytale wedding at the start of the book, but then the marriage side of things turn out a bit trickier. 

With three different takes on weddings and relationships and all the characters interlinking it leads to a lot great situations. Anything involving Lindsay's wedding was hilarious, her hen party sounded a bit like a nightmare, at least for Erin, and when you get to the description of her wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses its laughable. 

On the other hand I loved the sound of dress that Ruth finds, and all her plans for the wedding seem great, even if there was some initial panic about planning of a short notice wedding, I really enjoyed seeing how it all came together. 

Yet Trina's story adds another dimension to this book, and I couldn't help but have a lot of sympathy for her. The family she marries into sounds like a nightmare for various reasons, while her new husband  - well the less said about him the better. 

If you are a fan of Jennifer Joyce, romance, weddings, humour, books with groups of friends, great characters and generally a whole feel good vibe from a book then A Beginner's Guide to Saying I Do is for you. I loved the writing, the story and was interested to see how Ruth had developed and changed since the previous book. I really hope this isn't the end of this series. 

Thank you so much to Jennifer Joyce for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Book Review - Cocktails and Dreams by A.L. Michael

Amazon UK
Title: Cocktails and Dreams
Author: A. L. Michael
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Canelo
Publication Date: 24th July 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

I was seven years old when I realized my mother was not a great person… 

Since Savvy was abandoned by her rockstar mother, she has craved a normal life. But after years of financing her boyfriend’s lacklustre career, he leaves her when he hits the bigtime.

Savvy’s friends at the burlesque club where she serves elaborate cocktails encourage her to make bold changes in her life. She soon meets handsome bartender Milo, and begins to plan a future she can be excited about.

But when Savvy’s estranged mother crashes back into her life, her newfound happiness is under threat… will Savvy have the courage to pursue her dreams? 

This is completely 100% my sort of book! It had delicious sounding cocktail recipes, some delicious food, a character who is just learning how to discover her own dreams, a problematic relationship with a mother, oh and a hot bartender as the frosting on the glass!

Savvy is the daughter of an international rockstar, but aged seven she realised her mother wasn't all she should be, as when Savvy asked for a normal life, she gets abandoned at her aunts house, and barely has a relationship with her mother since. 

Fast forward many years, and Savvy is unfortunately being dumped by her long term boyfriend as apparently they are now too different, and it takes her friends and colleagues to show her how much her life needed to change, and help her to discover some new independent dreams, 

Turns out Savvy is able to make magic with her cocktail and cooking skills, as well as her expert palate, and is able to catch the eye of a very like minded bar tender Milo.  I loved how the two main threads of the story came together, as well as seeing just how much Savvy was able to change over the course of the book. 

The Martini Club where she was working sounds like a great burlesque club, and just adds a touch of glamour to the story,  while Savvy's aunt and father add the contrast of being just lovely regular people with love in their hearts. 

I just thoroughly enjoyed the direction Cocktails and Dreams was going in and am so excited to realise that this is only book 1 in the Martini Club series. I really hope wherever the next books go, that we get to keep up with Savvy's story even if she isn't the start of them. 

It seems to me that I enjoy A.L. Michaels books more and more with each one I read, and that she is continually coming up with stories that a fantastic to read. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Canelo for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Book Review - To Provence, With Love by T.A. Williams

Amazon UK
Title: To Provence, with Love
Author: T.A. Williams
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 12th July 2017
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Anything is possible…

Struggling writer Faye Carter just can’t believe her luck. She’s off to Provence to write the autobiography of a famous film star and she’ll be staying in the stunning chateau!

So when she meets charming (and completely gorgeous) lavender farmer, Gavin, she knows that she’s made the right choice – even if glamourous, elderly Anabelle seems to be hiding something…

But when the sun is shining, the food is delicious and the air smells of honey, anything seems possible. Will the magic of Provence help Faye finally find a happy-ever-after of her own?

Another absolutely lovely book from the talented T.A. Williams. This one features an ageing actress, a biographer, a reticent farmer, fields of lavender,  Provence and one of my favourite fictional labradors, Marlon. 

So where to start? Well let's begin with Annabelle Beech who is wanting her biography written, even if it never is published. She hires a relatively unknown author to write it for her, and allows the biographer to stay in Provence with her for 6 months for a rather large sum on completion of the project. 

Faye is the person chosen for this task, and after her first meeting with Annabelle she is eager to get started, and to embrace life in Provence for a bit. She is after all nursing a bit of a broken heart so a change of scenery is very welcome. 

The first person in Provence that Faye meets is rather quiet lavender farmer Gavin, and as the weeks progress they build a quiet friendship. In addition Faye starts meeting the locals of the area, and agrees to run English classes for them. 

I loved the sound of Provence, especially all the beautiful walks that Faye took, with Marlon alongside her. Marlon is a gorgeous black labrador who is always up for a walk. He barks a lot at strangers but takes to Faye instantly. They often come across another black lab on their walks, George, who is Marlon's brother. 

It is reasonably clear quite early on that Annabelle is hiding something, and I had a strong inkling quite far before the reveal as to what the secret may be. I was correct and although it didn't detract from my enjoyment, the timing of it did make em wonder where the book would go from there. 

I found the sections of Faye and Annabelle talking to be very interesting. Annabelle Beech clearly had a very interesting life, and I also loved the two assistants she lives with now.  Generally there were some lovely dynamics in this book. 

To Provence, With Love is a very gently story, the sort of book that should calm you down if you are tense, while transporting you to another country.  

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Book Review - The Summer House by Jenny Hale

Amazon UK
Title: The Summer House
Author: Jenny Hale
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 9th June 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

Some summers will stay with you forever...

Callie Weaver and best friend Olivia Dixon have finally done it: put their life savings into the beach house they admired through childhood summers, on the dazzling white sand of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. They’re going to buff the salt from its windows, paint its sun-bleached sidings, and open it as a bed and breakfast.

Callie’s too busy to think about her love life, but when she catches the attention of local heartthrob Luke Sullivan, his blue eyes and easy smile make it hard to say no. He’s heir to his father’s property empire, and the papers say he’s just another playboy, but as they laugh in the ocean waves, Callie realizes there’s more to this man than money and good looks.

Just when true happiness seems within reach, Callie and Olivia find a diary full of secrets... secrets that stretch across the island, and have the power to turn lives upside down. As Callie reads, she unravels a mystery that makes her heart drop through the floor. 

Will Callie and Luke be pulled apart by the storm it unleashes, or can true love save them?

The Summer House is an absolutely gorgeous, heart-warming summer romance, about the importance of family, not keeping secrets, and learning how to open your heart.

Heart-warming story of two women attempting to set up a new guest house, which contains a sweet romance, a slight mystery and a great feel of a small coastal location in North Carolina.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story, especially the leads Callie and Luke. Callie is focused on work and trying to get The Beachcomber ready for guests, and is really closed off to potential romances. She finds a journal that belonged to the previous owner that could contain secrets.

Callie is literally swept off her feet by Luke, in their first meeting. Luke is from the local rich family in town, and tries to escape the press a lot. As Luke’s character is revealed I found myself falling for him a bit more with each chapter. He is a lovely man who has many hidden depths to him.

The Summer House I found started off comfortably and I found myself liking the characters but around half way the pace and action kicks up a notch at which point I found it a lot harder to put down, and I was enticed into the book properly.

This is a good book that I enjoyed reading. I love this authors writing style although often find I prefer her Christmas books to her summer ones.  With lovely characters, some surprises and a great feeling from the book, The Summer House is a cosy summer story.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Bookouture for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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Book Review - Guilt Game by L.J. Sellers

Amazon UK
Title: Guilt Game
Author: L.J. Sellers
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Publication Date: 6th June 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Roxanne MacFarlane is the Extractor—a former CIA agent who specializes in rescuing people from dangerous situations. She lives on the edge and works outside the law, but desperate families know she’s the only operative who can bring their missing loved ones home. Driven by guilt over the loss of her sister to a polygamous cult, she will stop at nothing to save her clients.

When Dave and Jenny Carson ask her to find their daughter, Emma, and extract her from a charismatic cult leader who preys on young women with guilt issues, Rox is eager to help them. But the experimental treatment she just started in order to improve her atypical brain patterns forces her to face conflicting newfound emotions while working feverishly to find the secret compound and craft a strategy to get Emma out.

When the bodies of young women who match Emma’s description turn up, Rox must fast-forward her plans. But the situation is more complicated and dangerous than she realizes, and her own life is soon in jeopardy. Can Rox save Emma and bring down a ruthless predator before more young women fall victim?

To me the sign of a good book is one you can read in only two sittings and spend the time you aren't reading it thinking about it, and Guilt Game for me was just that book. I was completely intrigued and hooked from the second I understood just what Roxanne's job was, to the moment it finished. 

In fact I'm already hoping that this is the first of a new series, as I would love to see more from Roxanne. For she is an Extractor - someone who tries to extract people either from abusive parents, or from cults, or other dangerous situations. She needs to come up with a plan that gets her into as little trouble as possible, while fulfilling the wishes of her client, to get a loved one to safety. 

The case this book focuses on is tricky as its trying to get a young girl away from a cult. The cult seems to prey on women which suffer from huge amounts of guilt and thus Emma was a prime target for them. Her parents just want her home safely, and its up to Roxanne, or Karina as she is known for work, to try and find out everything she can about the cult leader and how it operates. 

Rox isn't on her own completely she has a step dad who is an ex-cop and her currently boyfriend is with the police working on a large case of his own. Rox is also slightly different from "normal" people and has just started a magnetic therapy treatment to try to get her brain patterns to become more regular. You can see after each session slight changes in her personality, which I found quite interesting. 

Guilt Game is certainly a different take on a thriller, but it is now less compulsive. I was really concerned for the cult members, curious as to the sections focusing on the leader, and generally loved the investigating and thought processes Roxanne had. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Guilt Game where the action ramped up as the story progressed leaving me surprised with the direction of the ending.  Yet another great book from the talented L.J. Sellers. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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Book Review - Bear With Me by Jessica Redland

Amazon UK
Title: Bear With Me
Author: Jessica Redland
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Little Bear Books
Publication Date: 25th April 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

Jemma has the job of her dreams as curator for the children’s section of a museum in London. She spends each day surrounded by the one thing she’s absolutely passionate about: teddy bears. When boyfriend, Scott, shows a genuine interest in her passion instead of laughing at her for “playing with teddies all day”, she knows he’s a keeper.

Returning home to the North Yorkshire seaside town of Whitsborough Bay to celebrate her birthday, Jemma thinks she’s heading for her happy-ever-after when Scott unexpectedly proposes. So, a few days later, why isn’t he retuning her calls or responding to her texts?

Julie has always been a wonderful single mother to Jemma and her little brother, Sean. As owner of specialist teddy bear shop, Bear With Me, and the creative genius behind the successful range of Ju-Sea Bears, she inspires Jemma with her ability to balance a demanding career with home life. So why is the shop now in disarray and why is Sean so upset?

Sam thought he had his future all worked out. With a promising career, a home, and a devoted fiancée, life was looking good. But now he’s all alone in a strange city, far from everyone and everything he cares about, struggling to rebuild the tatters of his life. Did he do the right thing by running away? What does the future hold and is he strong enough to face it?

Sometimes love finds us when we least expect it. But sometimes love leaves us, just as unexpectedly. When you’ve loved and lost, can you bear to let love in again?

Bear With Me, as all will be revealed …

I'm not really sure what I was expecting from Bear With Me, other than a lot of teddy bears. Now there is a bear bias, with beary honey jokes, but there is also a whole lot more to this book than may first meet the eye. 

The book focuses on two main characters and for a fair amount of the story, I couldn't work out how their stories would connect, until I suddenly started to make the basic connections. Both Jemma and Sam have things in common, have both encountered recent heart ache, and in Jemma's case has a whole of of other things going on in her life. 

The story covers grief, horrible disease diagnosis, mental health worries, secrets and lies, new friendships, family and the promise of a brighter future.  Every now and then a revelation would appear in the story that left me reeling. 

Neither Sam nor Jemma have an easy time of it in this book, both have been very unlucky in love for various reasons. Yet there are some light hearted moments too for balance, its just a really good book. 

If you have read any of Jessica Redlands Whitsborough Bay series, then you will recognise a couple of faces that put in an appearance in this book., but its not necessary to have read them, as this works as a standalone. Was lovely to be able to return to the North Yorkshire seaside. 

The story is a bit of a rollercoaster, in a good way. I found myself wishing that Sam and Jemma's lives were slightly less fraught with problems, but there is an ease and tenderness in the dialogue between the pair that I loved to read. 

Overall a really well written story that touches on some difficult subjects in a sensitive way. 

Thank you to Jessica Redland for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Friday, 11 August 2017

Cover Reveal - Anything You Do Say by Gillian McAllister

I am delighted to be able to reveal today, the details for Gillian McAllister's brand new cover and book... Anything You Do Say

Gone Girl meets Sliding Doors in this edge-of-your-seat thriller

Joanna is an avoider. So far she has spent her adult life hiding bank statements and changing career aspirations weekly.

But then one night Joanna hears footsteps on the way home. Is she being followed? She is sure it's him; the man from the bar who wouldn't leave her alone. Hearing the steps speed up Joanna turns and pushes with all of her might, sending her pursuer tumbling down the steps and lying motionless on the floor.

Now Joanna has to do the thing she hates most - make a decision. Fight or flight? Truth or lie? Right or wrong?

Available for Pre-order now from Amazon UK

Published - Ebook - 30th November 2017 & Paperback - 25th January 2018

I don't know about you but I love the eerie nature of this cover, and the blurb sounds great. Its got my adrenalin pumping just from reading it! 

Hope you are all looking forward to this book as much as I am. Let me know your thoughts. 

Graphic Novel Extracts - Preceded by Chaos Vol +1 by M. Wheeler - Blog Tour

The Preceded by Chaos series is a series of five illustrated short stories, which follow a young emergency medicine physician who is having troubles adjusting to his new life. Volume 0 is available now. The 2nd, and current release, is Volume +1.

The books are written as an internal narrative with occasional interactions between Mitchell, the main character, and the outside world. Volume +1 has more interaction and dialogue than the Volume 0 but still maintains the feel of an introspective dialogue running in Mitchells mind as he makes his attempt to understand, and gain control of, his life. 

This is an excerpt from VOl. +1. In the series we slowly learn that Mitchell has more problems than he is of aware of but he is certainly is trying to get his life in order. This scene was used to address the current state of some of his issues from the first book as well as make the reader aware of some of Mitchell’s present worries.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt and give the books a chance.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, IG and visit us at

And thank you for your interest in my book.


I can’t sleep. I keep staring at the ceiling and thinking about her. My girlfriend DeAnna and I are in the middle of a break-up. She wants more from me: she wants marriage, she wants kids. She gets frustrated with me because I’m not proposing. She wants more from herself: she wants more schooling, she wants to start a business. She gets frustrated with me because I don’t support her enough. I just want her to be happy and I don’t know how to make it happen. We spent the
majority of last night arguing about whether or not marriage is the answer. She hates that I’m so pragmatic. She knows the divorce rate is 50% in this country, largely because I’ve told her countless times. She told me her parents have been happily married for 35 years. The word ‘happily’ echoed through my mind. I looked unconvinced. I told her, “An ideal marriage is a statistical aberration”. She looked unimpressed with my lack of confidence in the strength of our relationship. Man, I wish I could sleep. 1am and I’ve got work in the morning. If only piece of mind was as dependable as heartbreak during a lover’s quarrel I would be eternally well rested. I usually would just get up, take a Xanax and go get a drink. Nothing summons the sandman like an alcohol and benzo cocktail. But, unfortunately, I don’t do that anymore. Maybe if I fall asleep I can dream about the liquor and drugs.
Maybe I’ll drift off into La La Land only to be snatched back to reality choking from a nightmare of being drowned again. The liquors gone, but that’s still with me. Every position I lie in feels uncomfortable. And just when I get sleepy I gotta piss and my walk to the water closet only creates another opportunity for my mind to turn to DeAnna. I refuse to think about her anymore and stop counting the dots in the ceiling. After 45 minutes I drift off.

Buzz! Buzz!

My phone… Shit! Maybe it’s her. I roll over to grab my cell and read the message.

The protagonist, Mitchell Weaver, is a young Emergency Medicine doctor. Mitchell has entered a high stress, distinguished profession with the burden of a variety of particularly disturbing personal demons that he must battle every day in order to maintain the facade of sanity and control. The second instalment of the series, Volume +1, documents Mitchell's state of mind as he tries his hand at decency and sobriety. Whether he finds himself at his job in New York or volunteering in the Dominican Republic, he struggles to suppress hedonistic urges and restructure awed philosophies. Although his attempts to gain control of his life are genuine, the question remains, "Is Mitchell gradually gaining control or is his life slowly falling apart."

Purchase from Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble 

About M. Wheeler

M. Wheeler held an eclectic series of jobs - including working as a studio engineer and a teacher - before he entered medical school in his thirties. During his residency while living in New York City, he wrote his first two books which would eventually become the Preceded by Chaos series. Wheeler travels extensively for his job but currently lives in Miami.

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